Restorative Hand and Nail treatment Kit

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The Bernadette Thompson Nail Lacquer and restorative treatment Collection, one of the beauty industry’s first manicurist-designed nail lacquer lines. The Bernadette Thompson Nail Collection has been worn by celebrities, used on photo shoots and displayed in nail salons for many years. Now, its founder, Bernadette Thompson—the country’s premier editorial manicurist—is re-launching her brand.
The Bernadette Thompson hand and nail treatment kit has all the restorative products needed to transform your damaged nails to perfection! This kit offers the unique combination of skin and nail treatments with cutting edge high fashion colors. This kit is non-compromising in its ability to deliver dynamic fashion forward colors while providing the best care for skin and nails. The creator, Bernadette Thompson, spared no expense to ensure this kit is superior in every aspect. Some of the key ingredients include Argan oil. From worlds best oils, to fashion’s most premier colors, this kit has it all! The Bernadette Thompson brand has grown to become synonymous with style, edge and excellent nail care. This kit is the latest edition and newest example of such excellence!

If a smile is worth a thousand words than a soft hand and perfectly manicured nails are priceless. As you adorn your fingertips with the chic and sophisticated colors offered from the collection, treat yourself to superior hand and nail products. With frequent use, these products will soften your hands and cuticles while providing more youthful and subtle appearance.

Wipe out (nail lacquer remover) 3.5 oz
Nip/Tuck (hand and cuticle cream) 2.0 oz
In 2002 the Bernadette Thompson lacquer remover won the coveted title of the best product of the year by “Cosmopolitan Magazine”! It was also feature as one of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite products in “O Magazine”. This innovative formula works gently to remove color quickly and safely from natural and artificial nails.
This non-dehydrating, oil-infused, non-acetone remover prevents drying of the natural nail plate, and damage to artificial overlays. Continuous use of this remover will help prevent drying, splitting, and brittle nails. The unique bi-phase formula must be shaken well to mix the moisturizing oils and the actual remover. For best results,

use pressed cotton to thoroughly remove traces of old polish. Don’t worry about leaving
an oily residue. Yes, you can polish right away.
A cut above the rest, this hand and cuticle cream is a vital product for any beauty regimen. Infused with natural ingredients and created by one of the industry's leading expert in nail and skin care, this, this hand and cuticle cream produces stunning results. The rich and natural Argon oil is proven to be effective in the reduction of wrinkles and providing essential moisture; because your face isn't the only thing that shows your age.

Formula X1
A base coat provides an essential foundation for the longest wear of a manicure and/or pedicure. The use of base coat will guarantee even coverage. Formula X1 offers the perfect combina-tion of protection against staining while acting as a strengthener. .50oz
Formula X2 From a professional finish, to at home manicures, a quality top coat ensures long lasting shine and endurance! this UV protectant, non-yellowing qucik drying top coat, gives your nails a shine that will have you thinking your nails are still wet. Just think you can be on your way in just 60 seconds. .50oz
Oil Change
No manicure is complete without this cuticle oil. The purpose of this replenishing cuticle oil is to condition and protect the cuticles while preventing painful hangnails and splitting cuticles. It features a combination of cottonseed and avocado-scented mix. The ingredients include Argon oil, cottonseed oil, Vitamin A, D, E, sweet almond and avocado oil. .50oz